Evaluation and Morphological Characteristics of some Newly–Introduce Grape Cultivars under Egyptian Environmental Conditions

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The present study was conducted for evaluating the morphological characteristics of newly introduce grape cultivars namely Starlight, Sugrafourteen, Midnight Beauty and Autumn crisp under the environmental Egyptian conditions, during three successive seasons 2019, 2020 & 2021 in private vineyard located at El-Sadat city Monofia governorate. The vines were five years old and planted in sandy loam soil. The results showed that all cultivars had fully opened tip, tip of tendrils was tri-fid except midnight beauty had di-tri fid, tendrils. Flower sexual organs had fully developed stamens and fully developed gynoecium. Mature leaf was very large, shape of blade was pentagonal in starlight and Midnight Beauty but it was circular in Sugrafourteen and Autumn crisp. Depth of the upper lateral sinuses in starlight was deep and in Sugrafourteen was very shallow, while it was very deep in midnight Beauty and shallow in Autumn crisp. The arrangement of lobs of upper sinuses was slightly overlapped in starlight and Autumn crisp cvs., closed in Sografourteen cv. but strongly overlapped in Miednight Beauty cv. Arrangements of lobes of petioles were wide open in all cultivars except Sugrafourteen cv. was slight overlapped. Petiole shape was club shaped in Sugrafourteen but u-shape in the other cultivars, Type of margin was irregularly dentate and the apical tooth was pointed. All cultivars were seedless. Starlight and Sugrafourteen were "early ripening", Midnight Beauty was" early-medium" ripening but Autumn crisp "late" cultivars. Bunch was big in all cultivars (more than 500g) and dense. Berry was large size in all cultivars with broad ellipsoid shape in Starlight ovoid shape in Sugrafourteen and cylindroid shape in Midnight Beauty and Autumn crisp cvs. Berry skin color was pink in Starlight cv., red in Sugrafourteen, black in Midnight beauty cv. and yellow green in Autumn crisp. The studied cultivars were characterized by good vegetative growth, yield and fruit quality. It is advised to prune Sugrafourteen cv. to cane pruning system while the other cultivars with spure pruning system.