Effect of Foliar Spray with Zinc, Boron, Calcium and Potassium on Growth, Yield, and Tuber Root Quality of Sweet Potato.

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The research for this essay took place on recently reclaimed sandy soil at Ali Moubark Farm, at South Tahrir Research Station, Horticulture Research Institute (HRI), Agricultural Research Center (ARC), in Egypt, during the two successive growing seasons of 2022-2023. To investigate the effect of spray with chelated Zinc (Zn), Boron (B), chelated Calcium (Ca) and compound Potassium (K) on growth, yield and tuber roots quality of sweet potato cv. Abees. The randomized complete block design was used in four replications. From the results could be noticed that application of Zinc and Boron mixture showed the highest values of vegetative growth (vine length, number of branches per plant, leaf area and chlorophyll content) and total yield ton fed1. The same application (Zn plus B) gave the best yield components (tuber root diameter, weight, length, and number per plant). Also, Zinc and Boron mixture treatment increased chemical content in plants vine [dry weight (gm)/plant, Zinc (ppm), Boron (ppm)] and chemical content in tuber root [dry matter (%), nitrogen (%), phosphor (%), potassium (%), calcium (%), zinc (ppm), boron (ppm), total carbohydrate (%), starch content (%) and protein (%)]. While, the control treatment recorded the lowest results of the previously mentioned characters.